Stay at Some of the Coolest Hotels in the World

Being a traveller means exploring what the world has to offer. Whether or not it’s to our liking, curiosity will forever be our number one tool. With thousands of new places, fruits, wine, animals, landmarks, and experiences discovered everyday, we have so little time to try them all. This also includes places to stay, and here we’ve found 5 of the weirdest (aka coolest) places you can stay.

The Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine

Located in Vdstmanland County, Sweden, this hotel offers a “caved in experience”, and I mean you are going to sleep in a cave, which is furnished with king sized beds, duvets, and a candle light dining table and is 500 feet underground. With a year-round 38 degree temperature, it is perfect for keeping your complimentary cheese and wine dinner intact (don’t worry, the room is heated). This room is especially inviting for people wanting to ‘disconnect’, since mobile devices do not work at all down that far. There is an intercom set up to talk to above-ground staff though!

The Artist Rooms at Au Vieux Panier

France is home to one of the weirdest hotels in the world, and the Au Vieux Panier’s Artist Rooms will give you an artistic twist. The rooms are redesigned every year by various artists, so you have the chance to almost feel like you’re part of the art.

The Dog Bark Inn

Cottonwood, Idaho is home of a hotel that is on the canine side. The Dog Bark Inn Which is probably one of the most unique AirBnB places in the world. It’s giant Beagle-shaped structure defies modern architecture and is able to house 4 adults in comfort. Stay includes a “in-the-dog” and fully dog-themed decor.

The Mirror Cube at the Treehotel

Another weird hotel from Sweden is the Tree Hotel. Here it features the Mirror Cube, a room that is literally made up of mirrors. It hangs outside a tree and offers a stealthy escape in the woods. There are also five unique tree structures to choose from, including a giant bird’s nest and a UFO structure. Brand new options are scheduled to unveil in 2012.

Giraffe Manor

If you’re ever in Nairobi, Kenya, and want an experience that is hard to beat, then a stay at the Giraffe Manor is what you need. Surrounded by amazing countryside, and situated on 12 acres of land within an indigenous forest, this 12-room boutique hotel is not only beautiful, but it gives you the chance to be face to face with a herd of Rothschild’s giraffes that freely roam the grounds. You may even get an up-close experience with the giraffes as they inspect your breakfast table through the open windows. Use the Giraffe Manor as a quick stop, or as your base for other nearby excursions like a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (

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