Renee’s Gourmet Pizzeria – Troy Michigan

Living in a border town has a lot of great benefits, including the chance to easily hop over to another country and find different restaurants and things to do.

Being gluten intolerant, I’m always looking for new places that have great food that I can eat – its fairly hard to find new GF restaurants that you really trust. Thankfully over in Michigan, there are some amazing restaurants that either server gluten free items or are entirely gluten free.

This is why I loved finding Renee’s Gourmet Pizzeria in Troy, Michigan.

On a recent trip to Michigan for a concert, we had time before for dinner in an area we haven’t been to before. Naturally, I Googled ‘Gluten Free Restaurants’ in the area and with a large number of amazing reviews, we chose to try Renee’s.

Now when you see ‘gluten free’ in other pizzerias, you normally assume a frozen, pre-made, thin pizza crust with no taste. But when the entire restaurant is gluten free (and very allergen friendly – they have non-dairy alternatives as well), you arrive very hopeful. And they didn’t disappoint.

Located in a very random, out-of-the way plaza, the outside is non-descript. It looks like an old Subway or Pita Pit in a plaza with a few other stores. But once you’re inside, you see and smell the pizza and know its totally gluten free, it makes up for the lack of curb appeal.

After looking over the menu which was fairly impressive, we decided on a BBQ Pulled Pork deepdish pizza and a build-your-own Calzone.

Both tasted amazing. The deep dish pizza is the first I’ve had since going gluten free – most you can find are thin crust. It definitely hit the spot. I got the smaller of the sizes, since we couldn’t throw leftovers in the fridge for a few hours at least. But it was enough to fill me. The toppings were great, sauce was rich and crust was amazing for a gluten free crush.

The calzone was equally impressive. Lots of great items inside, crust was the perfect amount of chewy and soft and filled us up!

We ended the dinner with a gluten free cookie and cinnamon sticks, both of which were delicious.

I’m definitely going back there if we’re ever in the area.

If you’ve been, let us know what you thought in the comments below!



​1937 W. Maple Rd. Troy, MI 48084​​

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